Even today Ireland has one of the highest proportion of people in the world involved in astronomy. There are a large number of astronomy clubs throughout the country, all under the umbrella Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies (Current Locations). There are even a number of private observatories that make the news every so often with discoveries of asteroids, supernovae and other astronomical objects. These astronomers carry on a great Irish history of astonomy discovering and understanding

While nowadays most advanced astronomy is carried out from space or from mountain tops in sunny climates where clouds are not an issue, some very important discoveries were made in Ireland in the recent past. Observatories such as Birr, Dunsink, Armagh, Blackrock, Daramona and Markree lead the way in understanding our place in the universe, as people like the Grubb family in Dublin advanced our technological capabilites with incredible instruments that can be best seen in Crawford, UCC.

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