Driest Autumn in Nine Years

Armagh Observatory reports that November 2016 was the driest and brightest November for three years and the coolest for six years, that is, since November 2010.

Cherenkov Telescope Array – Ireland

An invitation to attend a workshop in Armagh to discuss participation in the Cherenkov Telescope Array project in Ireland.

Dry, Mild October, Slightly Duller Than Average

Armagh Observatory reports that October 2016 was much drier than average, a little warmer and slightly duller than average.

Observatory open evening on 11th August for Perseid Meteor Watch

The annual Perseid meteor shower, one of the best and most reliable meteor showers of the year, is predicted to show enhanced rates - an "outburst" - on the night from the 11th to the 12th of August. The Armagh Observatory will be opening its doors at 8pm on the evening of the 11th for a free tour of the Observatory and Grounds, and later that night, weather permitting after approximately 10pm, there will be a chance to observe the Perseid shower and the predicted meteor outburst.

Mild, dump and damp June: Warmest for six years

Armagh Observatory reports that June 2016 was dull and damp, but relatively mild. With an average temperature of nearly 15.2 degrees Celsius (59.3 F) it was the warmest June at Armagh for six years.

Astronomers discover large circumbinary planet in habitable zone

An international team of astronomers report on the discovery of the largest planet yet found to orbit a binary star system, some 3,700 light years from Earth

Warm May, driest and sunniest for eight years

Armagh Observatory reports that May 2016 was warmer than average, drier than average and with above average sunshine. The month was the driest and sunniest May at Armagh for eight years, that is, since 2008.

The Life of Galileo, performed in Armagh Observatory

Bertolt Brecht's "The Life of Galileo" is being performed in the Armagh Observatory by the Greenwood Players in a new version by David Hare. Five performances of the play from 22nd to 24th February. Tickets, which are strictly limited, available from 14th January 2013 at The story of the Life of Galileo and its central drama of the conflict between science, religion and authority is one that resonates today. As remarked by Ian McDonald, author and Executive Producer with the Greenwood Players, "The Life of Galileo" is a story that needs retelling every generation, especially in a 21st century when we seem to be moving away from science to an authority and belief-based worldview. This is the first performance on the island of Ireland of David Hare's intimate version of Brecht's play.